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Festival Committee

Festival Chair Person: Jim Howe

Fine Arts Chair Person: Janice McCullough-Howe

Food & Vendor Chair Person: Janice McCullough-Howe, Laurie Sedita(co Chair)

Web Site Chair Person: Laurie Sedita

Music Committee: Jim Howe, Michael Sedita, Jim Tuttle

 Committee Members: Julie Tuttle

If you would like to volunteer to help make this festival a success please call 716-794-1542 or email:

"Such a great crew of hardworking people made this festival a wonderful place to exhibit my art. The hospitality towards the artists was stellar. Met so many new customers! I will be back.."

"Very nice festival in a small town atmosphere. That whole area down Route 240 is cool."

" What a great little town and festival! I called my daughter and told her she has to come, so she is on her way out"

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